Flex Boot Camp rocked Hyderabad

We organized a three day Flex Boot Camp for engineering students in Hyderabad on 29th Feb, 2008, 1st March, 2008 and 2nd March, 2008. We had 800 participants from various engineering colleges in Hyderabad, who attended this camp. The event was organized with help of KMIT College, Hyderabad. The KMIT staff held a major hand in making this event successful. T-shirts and participation certificates were distributed to the students, who participated in the hands on session and the contest.

This Boot Camp was an amazing experience. It was amazing to see the enthusiasm they had in learning about Flex and AIR. After each session, students surrounded the speaker and showered questions. We met students who had different levels of knowledge on Flex. There were lots of engineering students who were already developing applications using Flex and were asking questions on how to use Blaze DS and also on how to integrate Flex with Dot NET. Though it was a whole day event, I could see students taking down notes for each and every session.


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On 29th Feb, 2008

We started off with a welcome speech and speech by Niel (CEO, Teleparadigms) followed by presentations by Ramesh and Ananth on Flex, AIR and RIA.

On 1st March, 2008

We started off at 8:30 AM. Ramesh spoke about AS3, MXML and list based controls. Ananth spoke about events, data binding and collections in Flex. Jyoti explained how to use different controls and containers in Flex. I gave presentation on data connectivity using Flex. After the sessions were completed, all the teams had to take a screening test to participate in the hands on session as well as the contest. 250 teams took the screening test. We had to select 80 teams out of 250 teams; this was a difficult task as we had to evaluate 250 papers and we had to see the disappointment in the faces of the teams, who did not clear the screening test. While the screening test was in progress, we conducted a question and answers session for the students waiting for their team mates to complete the test. The student who answers the question gets to take a t-shirt or a Flex book.

On 2nd March, 2008

We conducted a contest. Students had to develop applications using Flex in 6 hours. We came up with four different types of applications; teams had to select one application and develop that. The applications developed by the teams were amazing (I will post the application which we liked, as soon as possible). I can bet, you will not believe that those applications were developed in 6 hours. The winning team selected a web version of the iPod, which we called the SoftPod. The SoftPod application allowed the user to select either videos or images. The application plays the videos and on clicking on the video, it displays the set of options like dragging the video, pause, change volume. The image portion included zoom.

The runners up team developed a presentations creator. This application allows user to create presentations, add slides to the presentation, add images to the slides, add text to the slides and you can also select the slide enter and exit transition effects for the slides. Once the presentations are created, you can view the presentations using the application.


8 Responses to Flex Boot Camp rocked Hyderabad

  1. Hi Sujit,

    It was good to get an update from your blog about the interest in Flex among Indians. I would like to see the applications created in 6 hours, waiting for that! It would be good if you send it across by email, if not possible to put on blogs. I would be happy to see the faster development results from the platform which I am thinking of using in startup.

    I am Prashant Sachdev (MBA, Babson College, Boston) starting a company in area of audio / video metadata. To start with I will be building the basic functionality similar to (veotag dot com) and currently looking for people who have some experience with Flash / Flex / AIR / actionscript. Do let me know some people who you might know and could be interested in working for startup.

    It would also be good to talk with the guys who participated in the contest – 6 hours application development. Do connect me with them too and especially with the winners they might have interest working with videos.

    Prashant Sachdev

  2. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Prashant,

    Its nice to learn that you are planning to use Flex. We have requested the KMIT college staff to send out the applications. I will post them in my blogs as soon as i get.
    Regarding Flex developers; I will share more details on students who participated and Flex developers on Monday (17th March).

  3. Sujit Reddy G says:

    We are yet to get the students list and the applications from the college. I will update my blog as soon as we get the details 🙂

  4. Brij Tarang says:

    Dear Sir
    We Mind On Demand Software Labs based out of Hyderabad.

    Currently running both development and training in Adobe Flex

    Trained more than 200 candidates in past 6 months.

    Wish to have association for maximum reachablity of our offerings on Adobe Flex.

    Could you also please update about events and organizationis on Adobe Flex

    Brij Tarang

  5. Ahinjay says:

    With respect to the above posts,

    Ahinjay, a premier RIA Research, development and training firm, introduces a new product in its portfolio. Ahinjay sees a dearth of technical resources available vs. demand in the market on the RIA technologies. To meet the demand of the semantic web, we are proud to introduce a new certification workshop on – “Developing RIA with Adobe Flex, Adobe Flash and Web 2.0”. The best architects (Certified Architect, 10+yr Exp) and consultants (Adobe certified) are the instructors/Mentors to this workshop.

    Register here* (http://www.ahinjay.com/demo/ria/registration.php)

  6. Udy says:

    This is amazing initiative guys 🙂 really proud to see good events as these take place. Also, the value of RIA/Flex in enterprise world can be demonstrated in these sessions, just to boost the confidence of using such technology in India. Wish your do such events in other major cities as well.

  7. Hi Uday,

    We definitely love to have events in all cities and will do so. “Wish your do such events in other major cities as well.” any particular city you are referring to? we would love to know that and see if we can arrange an event 🙂

  8. Kriti Information Systems is a known leader in providing Best Flex Training in India, based out of Hyderabad – both Corporate Trainings & Student Workshops.

    The instructors are 10+ yrs experienced folks from IITs and have helped more than 1000 freshers with jobs in Flex already.

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