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It is maintained by the development team and is dedicated to tips, news and announcements related to Adobe AIR.


3 Responses to Adobe AIR team Blog

  1. Colin Marshall says:

    I am working for a large catalogue firm and attended the MacExpo event in London. I attended the adobe seminar and was very interested in Adobe AIR, and was wondering how I could apply this to our online catalogue, do you know of anyone who is developing desktop catalogue application or indeed is there any out there that I could download and try out?

  2. marcus goodwin says:

    hello, it seems like Adobe air contains an in build browser. How is this acheieved? is this with html kit? These guys here have a widget that appears to have a built in browser and it i a neat idea

  3. Hi Marcus,

    Applications can be deployed on Adobe AIR using HTML as the native language. The WebKit HTML engine is a proven, full-featured HTML engine that supports JavaScript, XML, and other languages. Please find more details at the URL below. You might also want to look at control called HTML, using this control you can build a web browser using AIR in no time. 🙂 Please find more details at the URL below.

    Hope this helps.

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