Adobe AIR 1.5 is live

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) new version AIR 1.5 is live on

AIR 1.5 brings following features

1. Flash Player 10 features including 3D effects, pixel bender, new drawing API, dynamic media streaming, dynamic sound API, and more

2. Updated WebKit HTML engine with greatly improved JavaScript performance

3. Encrypted local SQL database support

4. JavaScript debugging support

5. Support for five additional languages (Swedish, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, and Polish)

6. Updated DRM engine


One Response to Adobe AIR 1.5 is live

  1. chris says:

    I am having a calendar app developed for a client on AIR and need it to sync with google calendar. we have used the adobe, IBM elixir framework which might limit us in using your API, but I would be interested in talking to you about developing a syncing solution or fixing whatever issues you have with your API. please write me so that we could talk about a solution. we are also in need of sync’ing it with Outlook.

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