Following Indian Stock Markets made easier. Flex and AIR to rescue

I was looking for an application which will periodically retrieve stock prices for companies in Indian stock market. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one. I created an Adobe AIR application, which will periodically retrieve stock prices and other details for companies.


1.       Maintain list of companies to follow: Search for companies and add them to persistent list

2.       Auto refresh: Automatically retrieves data for stocks in the list. Auto refresh can be disabled

3.       Alerts: Configure application to alert you when a particular company’s stock value either changes or decreases/increases beyond a value

4.       Details: Current price, previous close, percentage change and volume in both BSE and NSE

5.       Windowless: Minimized to system tray

You need Adobe AIR runtime to use this application. Get Adobe AIR from this URL

After installing Adobe AIR, download Stock Ticker application at this URL and just double click to install Can be installed on ANY Operating System, thanks to AIR): This application is taken offline due to various reasons. 🙂 Please drop me an email at if you are interested in using this application.

Note: If you are using IE to download the application, sometimes the file will be saved with .zip extension. In this case change the file extension to .air and double click to install. 🙂

Application screen shots:

Main Screen

Main Screen

Search and Add companies

Search and Add companies



Configuring alerts

Configuring alerts

Minimized to system tray

Minimized to system tray and Alerts

Flex and AIR Rocks !!! 🙂


35 Responses to Following Indian Stock Markets made easier. Flex and AIR to rescue

  1. lksmurthy says:

    Hey shreyas here
    Awesome application mate..
    Can i know which web service you used to retrieve the live prices?? (If u dont mind 🙂 )

  2. Another Dreamer says:

    Very Nice app..
    However I feel search option can be improved a bit.. I couldnt find any company by their Ticker Symbol.. or the ones which start frm abbrev.. E.g. ITC, DCM etc

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  4. sachin says:

    very nice application sujit great work

    i too was keen to know which web service you use to retrieve the stock quotes

  5. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi all,

    Thanks for your suggestions and compliments 🙂 I had to take this application offline due to various reasons 🙂 I am working on a version which can be distributed to all, if you are interested in using this application please leave me an email or a comment with your email.

  6. Rahul says:

    Hi Sujit,

    You might be interested in another AIR based app & I presume they use Yahoo to fetch stock quotes.

  7. Hi Rahul,

    I used that application. Nice application 🙂 I contacted their team and requested them for couple of additions to the features like alerts and option to collapsing to system tray.
    Hope to get them soon.

  8. nsebsetrend says:

    Really nice application . It will be very helpful to the stock market related persons. So keep it up. All the best.

  9. shubham says:

    hi sujit…i want to make a stock code application….could you please help me in this….from where shall i start….and could you please share your share market app….my id is

  10. Hi Shubham,

    I am sorry I cannot share this application as the code in the application is fetching data from URL where it is not supposed to get. If you are still interested in having a look at the code, do let me know 🙂

  11. Guna says:

    Can i get the source..

  12. Hi Guna,

    emailed you the source.

  13. analyst says:

    hi sujith,
    Have your tried integrating flex blazeds and spring?
    I am aware that spring community has released a new spring blazeds integration.
    But when i tried that configuration was not working properly.
    Any information on regarding this will be really helpful.

  14. Saurabh says:

    Dear Sujit,

    Can you please mail me the application, also wanted to know if its web enabled or not.

    For the data part i think you can use yahoo if NSE is illegal.


  15. Hi Analayst,

    What is the problem you are facing using the adapter? where did you get the adapter from?

  16. Hi Saurabh,

    Please send out email to I will reply back with application.


  17. GreenRhino says:

    Dear Sujit,

    Can you plz share the code for the application?


  18. Karlos says:

    i was trying my hands on a flex application. I wanted to let my air application load data from a database after every 5 minutes. I’m having problems with it. Can u please share the aspect of your code that gives you live data or if u can help me to do that aspect.
    Thank you

  19. Rossi says:

    I’m new to AIR – can I get the source?

  20. Hi there,
    The screenshots are looking cool.
    Infact, I am working on a finance related site. I was wanting to know if we can incorporate Adobe Air on a website?
    Also, is there any other way apart from AIR, to display stock ticker on a website.
    I also checked as pointed our by Rahul and it looks great.!

  21. Hi Pratik,

    You don’t incorporate AIR applications on a website, AIR applications can developed using Adobe Flex and ActionScript 3. You just have to use the same languages to develop a web application instead of AIR application.

    Hope this helps.

  22. Pooja Gupta says:

    Hi Sujit,

    It would be great if you could share the above application.

    Can you also share how did you query the BSE/NSE quotes. As in how do you get the live NSE/BSE quotes in your flex app.


  23. John Burton says:

    I was looking for articles about this on Yahoo and chanced on your item. I found it to be very useful. Thanks

  24. Haris says:

    Hey Sujit,

    Can i too have the source???

    Thanks in advance.

  25. rajesh says:

    Can u please mail me the Application

  26. rajesh says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Application is too good.

    Can you send me the Application code.

  27. Praveena says:

    Hello Sujit,

    I couldn’t run the livequotes setup, got an Application Install error stating the Air file was damaged. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the files. Any idea?.


  28. gal says:

    For some reason the browser I have does not show your article correctly… Are you sure this article has been tested with Safari? Would be nice if you could double check your code, even though it could come from a bug on my laptop

  29. fojimais says:

    Nice app – could you send source please.


  30. Compusam says:

    You have talent, very nice work in this AIR application.

  31. memo says:

    Can you send me your source code!!!

  32. Hi All,

    Thanks a lot for all the support. I will not able to share the source code of this application due to various reasons, which I cannot post here.

    Please feel free to mail me if you want to use this application. I still have to send the application installer to many who sent out an email, will do the same by EOD tomorrow.


  33. Ashish Mishra says:

    Hi Sujit,

    It looks Could you please share the code of the application? I would like to see how such application work. I am not concerned about the URL. I have to make a similar application. Do i need to RemoteObject to fetch the data or server push?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Ashish Mishra

  34. Hi Ashish,

    I used HTTPService in this application because I had to send a HTTP request to a URL from where I could get the data. You can chose either RemoteObject/HTTPService or data push based on the service you are trying to access. If you can tell me how type of your service on server, I can suggest a way to access the data.

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