Speaking at FUG, Blore on using Flex with BlazeDS

I am taking a session on using Flex with BlazeDS at Flex User Group meeting in Bangalore on 15th May, 2009. Register here http://bangalorefxmay09.eventbrite.com/ to attend this session.

Planning to discuss these topics
1. Overview of DS (BlazeDS/LCDS) architecture
2. Configuring and consuming Remoting service
3. Using Messaging service
4. Configuring and consuming Proxy service
5. How is LCDS different from BlazeDS

Thanks to Mrinal Wadhwa (Manager, BangaloreFx) and Saurabh Narula (Co-Manager,BangaloreFx) for organizing this.

Important : – Please don’t forget to register before attending the meeting, as only registered participants would be allowed inside the Adobe Campus due to security reasons.

Catch you all there 🙂


3 Responses to Speaking at FUG, Blore on using Flex with BlazeDS

  1. Chinmay says:

    can u arrange a webinar/connecr pro session for ur upcoming blazeds session? It would be a gr8 help.

  2. Please find the presentation and the code samples at this URL http://sujitreddy.g.googlepages.com/FlexWithBlazeds.zip

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Chinmay,

    I am sorry we couldn’t arrange a connect session due to connectivity issues. Please check out the presentation and code samples in previous comment.

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