Using Flash Builder 4 for earlier BlazeDS builds

Updated for Flash Builder 4 release version 🙂

Flash Builder 4 has added Data-Centric Development features which will help you develop Flex applications for BlazeDS Remoting destinations very easily. You can create Flex front end for the Remoting destinations in just couple of clicks.

Flash Builder 4 uses the flex-rds-server.jar file which is added in BlazeDS 4. This jar file is used by Flash Builder 4 to retrieve details of the destinations exposed as Remoting services using BlazeDS. If you are using earlier builds of BlazeDS, you can still use new features in Flash Builder 4 by just copying the required jar file from BlazeDS 4 build.

Just follow the following simple steps to use Data-Centric Development features in Flash Builder 4

  1. Download BlazeDS 4 binary distribution from this URL Download (4MB)
  2. Extract the downloaded zip file to a folder
  3. You will find blazeds.war file inside the extracted folder
  4. Extract the content from blazeds.war file so that we can use  the flex-rds-server.jar file
  5. Copy the flex-rds-server.jar file which will be found under WEB-INF/lib folder in blazeds.war to your web applications WEB-INF/lib folder
  6. Copy the Servlet URL mapping and declaration for the RDSDispatchServlet from the web.xml in the blazeds.war file and add to your web application web.xml file. Else copy it from below

<servlet-mapping id=”RDS_DISPATCH_MAPPING”>

Restart your server and start using Flash Builder 4 for your BlazeDS projects as explained in this URL

More articles on how to use Flash Builder 4 –

Flash Builder 4 is awesome 🙂

12 Responses to Using Flash Builder 4 for earlier BlazeDS builds

  1. raghunathrao says:

    This is a really useful post dude… It will really enable people who are currently on the BlazeDS3 to take advantage of Flash Builder 4 until they migrate to BlazeDS4


  2. Tomulus says:

    He ask me for a RDS password login where i can find it ? thx

  3. Hi Tomulus,

    Please set the useAppserverSecurity servlet init parameter of RDSDispatchServlet to false. I updated my post to reflect this 🙂 Restart your web server and try again.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Tomulus says:

    thx it’s work fine

  5. Henry Ho says:

    If I were to start a FB4 Data-centeric development project with ColdFusion 8 today, what version of BlazeDS / LCDS should I use to take advantage of Flash Builder 4’s Data-Centric Development features?

    Should I get BlazeDS 3 release built + the one jar file you outlined in this post?


  6. Henry Ho says:

    BlazeDS 4 URL is broken.

  7. Jack Punt says:

    I’ve seen you posts on FB4 and BlazeDS.
    The web.xml config for RDS Servlet that you (and Adobe) use refers to a url-pattern: “/CFIDE/main/ide.cfm” without further explanation.
    For those of use not using cold fusion, is thare any hope of using FB4 and RDS?
    (I have Spring-based java services, no CF or LCDS)

  8. Christian says:

    Duh! I didn’t even notice the link just two posts above. Feel free to delete this and my previous post.

  9. Madhavan says:

    When I try to follow the steps here, I receive the below error when i try to connect the data/service. could you please help me

    RDS server message:
    Error executing RDS command. Status Code:500, Reason: Error from proxy

  10. Hi Madhavan,

    Can you please check if there are any errors in server log and share the same.


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