Speaking at Dev Summit 2009 on LCDS 3

July 27, 2009

I am taking a session on Flex and Java/J2EE integration At Its Best at Dev Summit 2009 on 4th August at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India.

You can sign up for a Gold pass, which is absolutely free. You can also sign up for a Platinum pass with a nominal registration fee of Rs. 3000/- and get a Flex Builder 3 Professional license* FREE! You can find the complete agenda and register for the event at this URL http://www.endtoend.in/apps/forms/adobe/DevSummit09/agenda.html

Session title: Flex and Java/J2EE integration At Its Best

Target Audience:

1. Java/J2EE programmer interested in learning how to integrate Adobe Flex with Java

2. Adobe Flex programmer interested in learning how to communicate with Java servers

3. Developers interested in knowing what’s new in Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta

4.  Developers interested in knowing about new technology from Adobe code named Fiber (part of Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta)

Planning to discuss these topics

  1. Accessing Java objects made easier using Flash Builder 4
    1. A quick look on how Flex can communicate with a Java class on server using Flex Remoting
    2. Consume a Java class exposed as Remoting service destination. Yes, using DCD wizards in Flash Builder 4
  2. What’s new in LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta
  3. Model driven development using Fiber
    1. We will see how we can do model driven development using LCDS 3, Fiber Modeler and Flash Builder 4
  4. Deep dive into Fiber
    1. What is Fiber and how useful it is
    2. Introduction to Adobe data model
    3. How Fiber is used to generate client-side ActionScript and server-side Java data-access code from a model
    4. How to configure Fiber, to change code generated
    5. What is Fiber runtime and how it works
    6. Understanding the code generated by Fiber
  5. Reliable communications and Data Throttling

Catch you all at the summit 🙂

Adobe Dev Summit 2009 – Bangalore

July 20, 2009


What’s in it for you?

  • See the new, improved and rocking LiveCycle Data Services 3 in action! If you are a Java developer, you wouldn’t want to miss this one!
  • If you are a PHP/Java developer, get on the RIA expressway using the new Data Centric Development features on Adobe Flash Builder 4
  • If you’re into enterprise-wide RIA development, things have just got hot! Check out the brand new version of ColdFusion with the sparkling new developer IDE – ColdFusion Builder.
  • User Interfaces are a thing of the past now. Build User Experiences of tomorrow with Adobe Flash Catalyst. Quicker than ever!
  • Sign up for a Platinum Pass and get the award winning Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional license worth USD 699 FREE!

You can find more details about the summit and register at this URL http://www.endtoend.in/ete2009/adobe/devsummit/mailer.html


Catch you all at the summit 🙂