BlazeMonster V2 with support for Spring BlazeDS

August 26, 2009

Thank you very much for the overwhelming support. I added few new features and fixed couple of issues 🙂 I am sorry I couldn’t add all features requested. I will add pending requested features and more to the next version and publish as soon as possible.

Following are the changes incorporated in BlazeMonster version 2:

  1. Added support for Spring BlazeDS i.e. BlazeMonster can now generate code for Remoting destinations exposed using Spring BlazeDS.
  2. AS3 VO class generation now supports nested custom data types
  3. You can save generated code into files on a button click
  4. Added AS3 data types mappings for all Java data types for code generation
  5. Web application root URL and AMF endpoint values are now persisted
  6. And couple of minor fixes.

Please download and install latest version from this URL

Adobe Rocks 🙂

hackrchallenges – Flex in a Week challenge

August 7, 2009

I am a bit late in blogging about this. Flex in a Week challenge was launched on 5th August, 2009 and is already being attempted by 210 users 🙂


Flex in a Week video training is one of the best resources to start learning Flex. India Platform Evangelism team has given more reasons to learn Flex in a week by going through this video training course.

Go through the course and complete the Flex in a Week Challenge, you can get a cool badge you can sport on your website, blog or any other place where you think it will be useful. There are tee shirts also to be won by top 25 scorers and the first 25 users who clear the challenge.

If you already know Flex, take Flex in a Week challenge and get a badge for yourself and sport it to everyone 🙂

Please find more details at this URL

India Platform Evangelism team also took couple of initiatives to communicate with the community easily. You can follow any of the following to get updates from the team and information about the various events and activities




Adobe Rocks 🙂