LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) 3 Released

LiveCycle Data Services 3.0 is released as part of LiveCycle ES 2 🙂

What’s New

  1. Model driven development of Flex applications
  2. Reliable Messaging
  3. Throttling
  4. Edge Server
  5. Load test harness: Simulate Flex clients in Java


LiveCycle Data Services ES2 Quick Starts –

Other documentation –

Download Developer Version

You can Download the trial or a free developer version to get started from this URL

Please find more details regarding the announcement on Anil Channappa’s (Product Manager LCDS and BlazeDS) blog at this URL

Congratulations to the entire LiveCycle Data Services team … LCDS team Rocks 🙂


One Response to LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) 3 Released

  1. Rajeshwar Reddy says:

    Hello…Sujitg..i need to work on Adobe live cycle forms with java and BlazeDS.Could please post the example of that….


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