Flex 4 Application Handling Touch Events on Android with Flash Player 10.1

Developed a simple Flickr search application using Flex 4, targeting Flash Player 10.1 on Google Nexus One. This application lets users search for photos on Flickr and uses the API provided by Flash Player 10.1 to handle touch events.

Here is the video of the application:

It took 3 hours for me to understand the touch events and develop this application and of course used Data-Centric features in Flash Builder 4 to connect to the services exposed by Flickr. In this application I used the following to handle touch events:

  1. TouchEvent.TOUCH_BEGIN
  2. TouchEvent.TOUCH_MOVE
  3. TouchEvent.TOUCH_END
  4. TouchEvent.TAP
  5. Multitouch.supportsTouchEvents
  6. Multitouch.inputMode

Download the source here http://sujitreddyg.com/samples/FlickrMobile.zip

Details on Flash Player 10.1 API for touch, multitouch and gestures can be found in Flex Developer Guide. Also read Multi-touch and gesture support on the Flash Platform by Christian Cantrell and Flex 4 List Scrolling on Android with Flash Player 10.1 by James Ward.

Adobe Rocks 🙂


15 Responses to Flex 4 Application Handling Touch Events on Android with Flash Player 10.1

  1. Nathan says:

    WOW.. Very useful links.

    Thanks Sujit. 😉

  2. Great work, Sujit. Did you use the Flex 4 framework for this, or just FlashBuilder 4 + actionscript?

  3. trinath says:

    great to see the app

  4. Nice work, Sujit. Was this built with the flex framework, or just the flash builder tool?

    Ely Greenfield.
    Adobe, Flex.

  5. Hi Ely,

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, this application was built using Flex 4 🙂

    The list of images displayed in the initial screen is using DataGroup with the SuperImage component developed by you as its ItemRenderer. I also used Group, HGroup, Animate and many more. For changing views in the application I used states.

    Flex 4 Rocks 🙂

  6. androidz says:

    Nice Job Bro…

  7. Boris says:

    thumbs up – can’t wait for AIR 2.0 for Android

  8. Zanpher says:

    Thats good news about Flex 4. I cant wait until Flex 4 comes out 🙂

  9. mookstar says:

    Great stuff and great links.

    Really looking for to trying this out for Android

  10. thumbs up – can’t wait for AIR 2.0 for Android

  11. Paulo Castro says:

    Can you help me with a doubt that I came? I have a doubt about creating an application kiosk touch with events in AS3, that is, there will be problems in some operating systems or touch events work well at all? Because I know that the multitouch not working well on all operating systems.

  12. Tahir Alvi says:

    thanks Sing G,

    But one issue could not solved yet and that is about making the apk package for android, are you found any tool or easy way to do that?

    However ypur work in very nice.

  13. Android says:

    Fine app for android thanks for the tip I am already experimenting in my android and perfect

  14. Thanks Android 🙂

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