Adobe Application Modeling (Fiber Modeler) Plug-in Released

April 7, 2010

The new Adobe application modeling technology (Code named Fiber) brings model-driven development to Flex® and Adobe LiveCycle® software developers. The technology enables developers to write applications at a higher level, reducing the amount of code and simplifying data integration in the development of applications. Please find more details here

Adobe Application modeling plug-in is a graphical modeling editor can be installed as a plug-in to Flash Builder 4 to automatically generate both client and server code, accelerating the application development lifecycle.

Download Adobe Application Modeling plug-in from this URL Download Adobe Application Modeling Plug-in (20 MB. For Flash Builder 4 release version click on “For Eclipse 3.5 Download”)

Articles which will help you install the plug-in and learn how to use the plug-in:

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Tutorial on model-driven development using Flash Builder 4 and LiveCycle DS 3

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Congratulations to the entire LiveCycle Data Services team … LCDS team Rocks 🙂