Adobe Flash Platform Summit 2010 – Bangalore, India

June 10, 2010

Adobe DevSummit is now morphed into Adobe Flash Platform Summit (Functional Intent Meets Pixel Perfection). Its going to be TWO full days of conference and networking with leading designers and developers. We will have over 40 sessions presented by thought leaders and experts from Adobe and Adobe developer community.

If you are interested in speaking at this summit or attending this summit, please find the details below.

What’s in it for you?

  • Learn about Adobe Flash Platform technologies
  • Get to know the latest innovations in Adobe Flash Platform
  • Learn how to develop/design Rich Internet Applications
  • Learn how to develop/design applications targeting multiple screens or devices
  • Learn how to develop/design good user interfaces
  • See how Flash Platform technologies are being used
  • Network with some of the best developers
  • and more 🙂

Useful Links

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Meet you all at the summit 🙂


The largest Adobe Conference in India is Back

June 3, 2010

Cheers 🙂

LiveCycle Data Services (LCDS) 3 Released

November 21, 2009

LiveCycle Data Services 3.0 is released as part of LiveCycle ES 2 🙂

What’s New

  1. Model driven development of Flex applications
  2. Reliable Messaging
  3. Throttling
  4. Edge Server
  5. Load test harness: Simulate Flex clients in Java


LiveCycle Data Services ES2 Quick Starts –

Other documentation –

Download Developer Version

You can Download the trial or a free developer version to get started from this URL

Please find more details regarding the announcement on Anil Channappa’s (Product Manager LCDS and BlazeDS) blog at this URL

Congratulations to the entire LiveCycle Data Services team … LCDS team Rocks 🙂

Speaking at Adobe devsummit Chennai and Hyderabad

November 9, 2009

I will be speaking on Data Centric Development on Adobe Flash Platform and also will be handling the Learn by doing – Part 2: Integrate with server session along with Prashant Singh.

Summit attendees will get a complimentary Flex Builder 3 Professional License. Please find session abstracts and more details below 🙂

I am speaking at Adobe devsummit

Adobe devsummit is the biggest annual developer event focused on the Adobe Flash Platform. This event attracts a rich demographic mix spanning designers and developers in India. Adobe has consistently showcased path breaking technologies at devsummit.

For the first time Adobe devsummit is coming to Chennai, India (24th November, 2009) and Hyderabad, India (1st December, 2009). Please find more details on Adobe devsummit Chennai and Hyderabad and register at this URL

Excited to meet the developers in Chennai and Hyderabad 🙂

Session Abstracts

Data Centric Development on Adobe Flash Platform

See how to build an engaging Flex application for any server side technology productively. While application created with Flex and Flash already have ability to communicate with various back ends, see how data services can add power to a back end.

This session starts with showing how to use Data-Centric Development feature in Flash Builder 4 to productively create Flex applications connecting to various server technologies. Next, see how the brand new model-driven development feature of LiveCycle Data Services ES allows you to build and maintain data-driven Flex applications with an unprecedented level of productivity and flexibility.

Learn by doing – Part 2: Integrate with server

Learn how to connect your Flex application to servers for retrieving/storing data; and also deploy your application. We will demonstrate how you can connect to various server technologies like Java, .NET and PHP using remoting and web services. You will also learn how to use the Data-Centric development feature in Flash Builder 4 to develop Flex applications that connect with various server technologies.

If you are living in and around Chennai or Hyderabad, go ahead and register for the summit 🙂

Catch you all at the summit 🙂

Call for sessions at Adobe DevSummit, Chennai and Hyderabad

October 22, 2009

Adobe DevSummit, 2009 Chennai and Hyderabad

Adobe DevSummit is the biggest annual developer event focused on the Adobe Flash Platform. This event attracts a rich demographic mix spanning designers and developers in India. Adobe has consistently showcased path breaking technologies at DevSummit.

For the first time DevSummit is coming to Chennai and Hyderabad. DevSummit in Chennai will be on 24th November, 2009 and in Hyderabad on 1st December, 2009. We will be posting more details on the event and venue soon 🙂

We would love to have the experts from the Adobe developer community take the stage and share their knowledge and insights on Adobe Flash Platform. Please find more details and submit your session proposals at the URL below.


hackrchallenges – Flex in a Week challenge

August 7, 2009

I am a bit late in blogging about this. Flex in a Week challenge was launched on 5th August, 2009 and is already being attempted by 210 users 🙂


Flex in a Week video training is one of the best resources to start learning Flex. India Platform Evangelism team has given more reasons to learn Flex in a week by going through this video training course.

Go through the course and complete the Flex in a Week Challenge, you can get a cool badge you can sport on your website, blog or any other place where you think it will be useful. There are tee shirts also to be won by top 25 scorers and the first 25 users who clear the challenge.

If you already know Flex, take Flex in a Week challenge and get a badge for yourself and sport it to everyone 🙂

Please find more details at this URL

India Platform Evangelism team also took couple of initiatives to communicate with the community easily. You can follow any of the following to get updates from the team and information about the various events and activities




Adobe Rocks 🙂

Speaking at Dev Summit 2009 on LCDS 3

July 27, 2009

I am taking a session on Flex and Java/J2EE integration At Its Best at Dev Summit 2009 on 4th August at Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, India.

You can sign up for a Gold pass, which is absolutely free. You can also sign up for a Platinum pass with a nominal registration fee of Rs. 3000/- and get a Flex Builder 3 Professional license* FREE! You can find the complete agenda and register for the event at this URL

Session title: Flex and Java/J2EE integration At Its Best

Target Audience:

1. Java/J2EE programmer interested in learning how to integrate Adobe Flex with Java

2. Adobe Flex programmer interested in learning how to communicate with Java servers

3. Developers interested in knowing what’s new in Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta

4.  Developers interested in knowing about new technology from Adobe code named Fiber (part of Adobe LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta)

Planning to discuss these topics

  1. Accessing Java objects made easier using Flash Builder 4
    1. A quick look on how Flex can communicate with a Java class on server using Flex Remoting
    2. Consume a Java class exposed as Remoting service destination. Yes, using DCD wizards in Flash Builder 4
  2. What’s new in LiveCycle Data Services 3 beta
  3. Model driven development using Fiber
    1. We will see how we can do model driven development using LCDS 3, Fiber Modeler and Flash Builder 4
  4. Deep dive into Fiber
    1. What is Fiber and how useful it is
    2. Introduction to Adobe data model
    3. How Fiber is used to generate client-side ActionScript and server-side Java data-access code from a model
    4. How to configure Fiber, to change code generated
    5. What is Fiber runtime and how it works
    6. Understanding the code generated by Fiber
  5. Reliable communications and Data Throttling

Catch you all at the summit 🙂