Adobe Application Modeling (Fiber Modeler) Plug-in Released

April 7, 2010

The new Adobe application modeling technology (Code named Fiber) brings model-driven development to Flex® and Adobe LiveCycle® software developers. The technology enables developers to write applications at a higher level, reducing the amount of code and simplifying data integration in the development of applications. Please find more details here

Adobe Application modeling plug-in is a graphical modeling editor can be installed as a plug-in to Flash Builder 4 to automatically generate both client and server code, accelerating the application development lifecycle.

Download Adobe Application Modeling plug-in from this URL Download Adobe Application Modeling Plug-in (20 MB. For Flash Builder 4 release version click on “For Eclipse 3.5 Download”)

Articles which will help you install the plug-in and learn how to use the plug-in:

Setting up model-driven development with LiveCycle Data Services ES2

Tutorial on model-driven development using Flash Builder 4 and LiveCycle DS 3

LiveCycle Data Services Quick Starts

Congratulations to the entire LiveCycle Data Services team … LCDS team Rocks 🙂


BlazeMonster V2 with support for Spring BlazeDS

August 26, 2009

Thank you very much for the overwhelming support. I added few new features and fixed couple of issues 🙂 I am sorry I couldn’t add all features requested. I will add pending requested features and more to the next version and publish as soon as possible.

Following are the changes incorporated in BlazeMonster version 2:

  1. Added support for Spring BlazeDS i.e. BlazeMonster can now generate code for Remoting destinations exposed using Spring BlazeDS.
  2. AS3 VO class generation now supports nested custom data types
  3. You can save generated code into files on a button click
  4. Added AS3 data types mappings for all Java data types for code generation
  5. Web application root URL and AMF endpoint values are now persisted
  6. And couple of minor fixes.

Please download and install latest version from this URL

Adobe Rocks 🙂

Adobe on twitter

February 18, 2009


Started using twitter

February 17, 2009

Started using twitter. Planning to post updates on what I am working on and also updates on what’s happening in RIA world. I am developing a platform using which you can develop games using twitter.  I will post this ASAP.  🙂


Got my Domain

September 4, 2008

Since long time I wanted to buy a domain and use it for hosting samples. I got stuck with work and could not find time to buy one 🙂

Finally I got it 🙂 its 🙂 I will be using this for hosting sample applications rather than posting screen shots in my blogs 🙂 Home page is not that great, will improve it 🙂

I created my first post using PHP as back end for a Flex application. Please check out the article at this URL.

RIA Developer Summit in Bangalore. Register early and get discount

August 29, 2008

RIA Developer summit logo

About the event

After the successful RIA Leadership Summit and RIA Architect Summit, Adobe brings to you – RIA Developer Summit which is focused on developers. Adobe RIA Developer Summit offers a unique opportunity to designers and developers to gain insights into the design and development of RIAs. They are giving Flex Builder License for FREE of cost to attendees … 🙂

This is a great opportunity for developers. Event is on September 10th and 11th in Bangalore.  They have 2 tracks, one track is targeting the beginners in Flex and second track is targeting the developers who have been developing Flex and want to learn more.

You can find more details about the event and register at this URL:

About the discount 🙂

You can get discounts in the price in two ways, one is to register before September 3rd and get discount. Second is to register in groups. You can find price details in the table below

Registration Type
Early Bird Rate Per Delegate

( Before 3rd September)

Regular Rate Per Delegate

( After 3rd September)

2-5 delegates
6-9 delegates
10-14 delegates
Rs 3500
15 and more delegates

Group discounts have a rule saying all developers in the group should be from the same company. If you cannot get many people from you company, you need not worry you can still get the group discounts.

We have worked with the registration desk, so that even a community or group of individual developers can get group discounts for the event. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make sure that all your group members register into the event website
  2. One person take the responsibility of being a group leader/ coordinator (can be a user group manager for instance) and make a DD for the total amount for all the people after discount. Say you and 9 of your friends are signing up for a group discount, make sure that you send only one DD for the amount, in this case, for 3000×10 = Rs.30,000. Please not that if you are opting for the group discount, it has to be in one DD!
  3. Mail the DD to the address on the page
  4. Also, send a mail out to and quote the community promo code “sujitreddyg” in the subject and have the following info from each delegate in the body of the email:
    • Name,Company & Email  of each delegate
    • DD Details

Sign up fast. Network with fellow Flex developers to rialiaze your dreams and save money of course 🙂

Meet you guys at the conference …..

Adobe Flex Developer Event (Free Flex Builder License for attendees)

August 26, 2008

The developer event is going to be next month in Bangalore (India). This will be a 2 day event with tracks for Beginner and Intermediate/Expert Flex developers. Stay tuned for more updates…

If you are interested in getting updates on the event, leave your Email and Name at this URL

Come join the RIA world 🙂