Who Am I

I am a Sun Certified Java programmer. Graduated from BITS, Pilani in 2006. Big fan of Flex, Java and BlazeDS. I believe that If it is RIA it is on Flash Platform and all applications should be RIAs.

Currently working as a Computer Scientist in the Flash Builder team at Adobe.

Feel free to follow me on twitter or facebook πŸ™‚

Twitter: http://twitter.com/sujitg

Note: The views expressed on this blog are entirely mine πŸ™‚


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  1. Hi i want to put and HTML page inside the flex website
    is there a way to do it
    as i dont want to make a popup


    Jorge Cordero

  2. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Jorge,
    Visit the URL below for more details πŸ™‚

  3. ravish says:

    hi sujit,

    were you figure out any drilled down feature wise difference between flex and AIR, except the URL and Desktop compatibility.



  4. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Ravish,

    Can you please explain what kind of a comparison you are looking for? Is it in terms of the API or is it the security?

  5. Raja says:

    Hi Sujit,
    is ther any sample source code avil to integrate flex with struts…

  6. siddhartha says:

    Hi sujit,

    I am a flash developer. recently i made a CAD application in flash using AS2. this was my first experience of any note in object oriented programming..however the project even though fairly complex went very well..

    Now the clients wants me to convert this to flex. I have no prior exp. in flex, i just downloaded flex 2 builder. But am having lil problems figuring out what excatly needs done here.

    I am just looking for some hints n suggestions on how to go about this.

    warm regards

  7. siddhartha says:

    ** the application is basically a drawing application, which allows for object to be drawn, scaled, rotated, depths changed, erased, application state saved as SVG , undo/redo and few others things..

  8. siddhartha says:

    ** the client wishes to have the GUI as components extending some mx classes, but he is ready to accept for now a single component created (i only vaguely understand what that implies right now).


  9. Hi Sujit,

    It was good to get an update from your blog about the interest in Flex among Indians. I would like to see the applications created in 6 hours, waiting for that! It would be good if you send it across by email, if not possible to put on blogs. I would be happy to see the faster development results from the platform which I am thinking of using in startup.

    I am Prashant Sachdev (MBA, Babson College, Boston) starting a company in area of audio / video metadata. To start with I will be building the basic functionality similar to (veotag dot com) and currently looking for people who have some experience with Flash / Flex / AIR / actionscript. Do let me know some people who you might know and could be interested in working for startup.

    It would also be good to talk with the guys who participated in the contest – 6 hours application development. Do connect me with them too and especially with the winners they might have interest working with videos.

    Prashant Sachdev

  10. baji says:

    Hey Sujit,

    your tutorials are good..
    I am using RemoteObject service call to get the data back from server into flex.

    Here is my problem:
    I am getting array of java objects into flex application, when i try to convert the java object to actionscript object in flex, am getting the error as “TypeError: Error #1034: Type Coercion failed: cannot convert Object@d68cd59 to com.mlfcst.actionscript.dto.CardEconVar.”

    Here is the code:

    public function setEconVarDetails(event:ResultEvent):void
    a_econVars= event.result as Array;
    var econVar:CardEconVar = new CardEconVar();
    econVar = CardEconVar(a_econVars[0]); —–> getting error here

    Here is my AS file:

    package com.mlfcst.actionscript.dto
    public class CardEconVar

    public var cardEconVarId:int;
    private var groupId:int;

    Here is my java code:
    package com.mlfcst.flex.dto;

    import java.io.Serializable;
    public class CardEconVar implements Serializable {

    private int cardEconVarId;
    private int groupId;

    public CardEconVar() {
    public int getCardEconVarId() {
    return this.cardEconVarId;

    public void setCardEconVarId(int cardEconVarId) {
    this.cardEconVarId = cardEconVarId;

    public int getGroupId() {
    return this.groupId;

    public void setGroupId(int groupId) {
    this.groupId = groupId;

    your help would be greatly appreciated..


  11. Jerry G. says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Thank you for the time and energy you put into your blog.

    I have a simple issue: I’m building a Flex/AIR app and need to print generated independently of the application. I only need to point to them and print them. Should I pursue this with LiveCycle, Blaze or something else?

    All the best,

  12. Sandeep Choudhary says:

    Hello Sujit,

    This is sandeep from tcs gandhinagar. I’m interested in adobe AIR and flex, I’m a beginnear in this field and don’t know much about. Could u suggest me some good tuts to start wid and and ebooks u have related to them. It would be very helpfull.

    I have 1 year exp in java.

  13. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Sandeep,

    Please visit the URLs below.


    Flex dev guide: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/index.html?content=Part2_DevApps_1.html

    Flex language reference: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/langref/index.html

    Deveoper network: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/

    Hope this helps.

  14. Dipak Kumar says:

    Hi Sujith,
    Is it necessary to install Flex Builder 3 Eclipse Plug-in to use BazeDS? I am not able to download above mentioned builder. But I have standalone version of Flex Builder 3.


  15. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Dipak,

    You need not have Flex Builder or Flex Builder Eclipse plugin to use BlazeDS. If you are having standalone version of Flex Builder that’s great and enough. BlazeDS is a server side software and will help Flex application to communicate with server side classes.

    Hope this information helps.

  16. Dipak Kumar says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I have to develop one chat application for my application. Could you please help me how to proceed. I know flex basics but dont have any idea about client-server and BlazeDS. I am from different background(C++ and database) and flex is totally new for me.

    Thanks and Regards,

  17. Dipak Kumar says:

    Hi Sujit,
    Thanks a lot for your quick reply. I am developing a chat application. Could you please help me how to proceed. I am new to Flex and BlazeDS.

    Dipak Kumar

  18. Dipak Kumar says:

    Hi Sujit,
    I got the chat application done with the help of your blogs and one doc from Christophe Coenraets.

    Adobe documentation is really helpfull.

    Thanks a lot.

  19. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Dipak,

    I am sorry, I got stuck with my work and so could not reply 😦

    good to know that you got this working πŸ™‚ I hope you are using Messaging feature of BlazeDS πŸ™‚

    Feel free to contact me πŸ™‚

  20. Dipak Kumar says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Yes I have used Messaging feature of BlazeDS.
    Can I use BlazeDS for file transfer (like images or text file) in my chat application? If yes can you help me please.


  21. neha says:

    I have a servlet at the moment. I want to integrate it with Flex UI. How can I pass my data from MXML to the servlet and then get the result back?

    Pls help


  22. Sabari says:

    Hi Evangelist! I m really proud to put my comments here..
    It was fantastic job.. Keep it up man..

    I m new to Flex… Can u guide me? What are the prerequisites I have to follow for getting into flex?

  23. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Sabari,

    If you are comfortable with any object oriented programming language, you can go ahead develop in Flex with a very small learning curve. Please visit the URL below for details.


    Hope this helps.

  24. Sujit Reddy G says:

    hi Neha,

    You can use HTTPService component and invoke the servlet. Please find more details on how to do that at the URLs below.



    Hope this helps.

  25. Drayton says:

    Hi Sujit

    I’m working on a web site which will have a java enterprise application based backend and a flex 3 frontend. So far I’ve managed to get them to talk and things are going well. (Partly due to some of your excellent tutorials!) However I have run into a problem with sessions. What happing is that I have a EJB factory in the WEB tier of my J2EE application which looks up the EJBs in the business tier. The EJBs need store and retrieve stuff from the session, but when I try to instanciate a Flex session in the business tier, I just have a null returned.

    This is how I’m instanciating the flex session object (in the business tier of the J2EE applicaion):

    session = FlexContext.getFlexSession();

    I’m not sure this is relevent (as its a HTTP session listener), but in the web.xml deployment descriptor I noticed this:


    Thanks for your time in advance, you help is greatly appreciated.


  26. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Drayton,

    That is how you have to get access to the session object. But I think this will return a valid session object only when the request is through BlazeDS. is your request through BlazeDS (MessageBrokerServlet)?

  27. Drayton says:

    Hi Sujit, thanks for the response!

    Well I’m not quite sure what you mean by is my request through BlazeDS. If you mean am I using a Flex destination to make a call, then yes it is through BlazeDS. But I do not make use of the ‘MessageBrokerServlet’ directly, there is a reference to it in my web.xml, but thats about it.

    This is the Java method in my business tier of my application:

    public String sayHello()
    Date now = new Date();
    session = FlexContext.getFlexSession();
    return “Hello, I am ” + this.getClass().getName() +
    “The time is: ” + now + “” +
    (session != null
    ? “Your session id is:” + session.getId()
    : “Your session object is NULL!”) +””;

    When I call this method, I get the ‘Your session object is NULL!’ response.

    Thanks once again for your help!

  28. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Drayton,

    Can you please check if the session listener is configured in web.xml under web-app tag as shown below.


    Hope this helps.

  29. Abdul Areef says:


    i am new to BlazeDS,
    i need to connect the EJB/Hibernate and Flex using BlazeDS.

    i am going to write EJB/Hibernate in Rational Application Developement, server is websphere and database is DB2.
    can you tell steps for create this Application..


  30. Jorge Santos says:

    Hi Sujit, thanks for opportunity πŸ™‚

    I have started exploring BlazeDS (Turnkey) and after I followed and understood a simple hello world remoting example, it became very confusing to me 😐

    Locally everything runs fine in IE, but remotely its a living hell… it simply does not work in IE, but in Firefox its Ok.
    I have tried the blazeds samples and they do work in IE, locally and remotely, but if I use my own java sql classes to retrieve data, it does not work, only in Firefox.

    In IE the following error appears:



    Invalid URL url: ‘http://nofearp_2008:8400/xelfsystems/messagebroker/

    It’s very frustrating 😦
    I can’t see anything
    related with this on the web, at least something that makes sense to me.

    Thanks again Sujit, thanks

  31. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Jorge,

    Can you please try changing the nofearp_2008 to complete name with .com etc. something like nofear_2008.com
    Looks like Firefox is resolving it to default domain, but IE is not.

    Hope this helps.

  32. Jorge Santos says:

    Hi Sujit, thanks for the tip.

    I’m going to create a virtual host in Tomcat in order to try what you are saying, or there is another way to try this?

    I’m using a VMWARE virtual machine (nofearp_2008) with Server 2008 as server machine.

    Thanks again Sujit

  33. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Jorge,

    Please try accessing any URL to a resource on the nofearp_2008 server from IE. See if IE is resolving the address properly.

    Hope this helps.

  34. HariKrishna I says:

    Hi Sujit,
    thanks for helping all developers.I am working in a tight dead line project where Flex in presentation layer interacts with BlazeDS using RMI. Again BlazeDS interacts with java/JDBC classes using RMI. I searched in so many places but couldnt get how to do. Please let me know what API of BlazeDS i have to use and please give me any samples which i can use for this. I have to deliver within 15 days these changes to investment bank. Can you please give us your email id?????????????


  35. Driti says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I want to call a java method from a Flex AIR application. I am new to flex. Can you guide me on the same?


  36. Sujit Reddy G says:

    Hi Driti,

    Please have a look at the article in this URL https://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/invoking-java-methods-from-adobe-flex/

    Hope this helps.

  37. Driti says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I have one Flex web application. Can you please tell me how can I convert it into a Flex AIR application.


  38. Driti says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I am using mx:Tree to show the data. Certain leaf node display the check box and certain radio button using the item renderer. First time tree is expanding properly. But when I am closing and opening it again, all the leaf nodes show overlapped radio button and check box.
    Here is the code

    updateDisplayList method is used to add the radio button and checkbox to leaf node.
    override protected function updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth:Number,unscaledHeight:Number):void {
    super.updateDisplayList(unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight);
    if(super.data) {
    super.label.text = TreeListData(super.listData).label;
    var currentChoice:Choice = TreeListData(super.listData).item as Choice;
    super.label.text = currentChoice.name;
    super.label.x = 90;
    this.radio.selected = currentChoice.selected;
    this.radio.enabled = currentChoice.enabled;
    this.radio.y = 18;
    this.radio.visible = true;
    this.radio.x = super.label.x +10 ;
    this.radio.name = super.label.text;
    addChild(radio as DisplayObject);
    this.check.selected = currentChoice.selected;
    this.check.visible = true;
    this.check.enabled = currentChoice.enabled;
    this.check.y = 18;
    this.check.x = super.label.x + 10;
    this.check.name = super.label.text;
    addChild(check as DisplayObject);

  39. Hi Driti,

    In Flex Builder create a new AIR based project and then copy the files in src folder of your old Flex project into the new AIR project created. Also copy the SWC files, if you have any.

    Hope this helps.

  40. Hi Driti,

    Please try overriding the set data function also. If you are already using this, please send code to reproduce the issue to sujitreddy.g@gmail.com


    Hope this helps.

  41. Driti says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Thanks for your input. I have already override the set data method. I have forwarded code on provided id.


  42. surendra says:

    hi sir

    i working with flex from two weeks. i am working with eclipse. plz be send work space project. That project taken on my eclipse see the paths and depoly and see the output in tomcat server

  43. surendra says:

    project zip send them to my mail plz

  44. surendra says:

    flex with java plz send me sir

  45. Masood Sofi says:

    hi sujit,

    This is masood sofi,I developed an e-personal diary in flex camp at hyd on feb28-09,Please tell me how u like that idea.

  46. Sudhakar says:

    Hi Sujit

    I am from Hyderabad, do you live in hyderabad as i would like to know about training on flex.


  47. Hi Masood,

    Very nice idea. You might want to take a look at http://www.livejournal.com

  48. Hi Sudhakar,

    No, I don’t live in Hyderabad πŸ™‚ Please find URLs below which are good resources for learning Flex.

    Flex developer guide: http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/3/html/index.html?content=Part2_DevApps_1.html
    Flex in a week videos: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flex/videotraining/

    Hope this helps.

  49. Driti says:

    Hi Sujit,

    From JSP, on form submit, I am navigating to flex application. If the form method is get, I am able to read the URL parameters but if the method is post, I am not able to read the URL parameter. Can you help me out in this issue.


  50. Hi Driti,

    If the method is POST the data is not passed as query string. Please find details on how to pass data to Flex application at the URL below.


    Hope this helps.

  51. lakshminarayana reddy says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I am new to the flex and action script ,

    Previously i have displayed the recodrs in datagrid and selected index displayed in form.

    Now the problem is: read the data from xml file and displayed on the form with ids

    give me the sample example suji

  52. Hi Lakshmi narayana,

    I did not understand what you want to do. Can you please explain what exactly you want to do.

  53. Sandy says:


    I want to create a community website in flex using blazeds. Do i have to hire a dedicated server or it will work on the normal remote server. Is it possible that if 1000’s of user are using the site at the same time will not impact the performance or wait time to the user.

    Also is it possible to make a chatting application possible on normal server. Is it possible that if 1000’s of user are using the chat at the same time will not impact the performance or wait time to the user.


  54. lakshminarayana Reddy says:

    HI SUji,

    I have a sample form with some fields(text boxes) and also links like 1,2,3….

    If user select that link (1,2,3…) the data related to that link will be dispalyed in that text boxes from XML file.
    Also if user edits that particular field and submitting that record should be added to the XML file.

  55. lakshminarayana Reddy says:


    I have a sample form with some fields(text boxes) and also links like 1,2,3….

    If user select that link (1,2,3…) the data related to that link will be dispalyed in that text boxes from XML file.
    Also if user edits that particular field and submitting that record should be added to the XML file

    Please helpme on this

  56. Harsh says:

    I have not read much on your blog so far but wanted to ask you a quick question.I want to build a full application with left navs and top navs as well and of course things change when user click or take an action in the centeral pane which effect dynamically top and right navs.So what in you opinion is the best way to develop any such application.
    Using just Flex or some framework like Carigorm or Mate is a good idea and the passing the information between pages via this show / hide mechanism or should i use jsp as a parent and then pass parameters to child swf files..basically what in your opinion is a good idea to build an enterprise like application.I plan to use springs and hibernate at the server side using blazeds.
    Please suggest !

  57. Abhilash says:

    Hi Sujit,
    Can we do remote desktop feature using fvnc(flash vnc client)?

  58. Hi Sandy,

    A normal server will do. If you are using a normal polling channel for Messaging, then number of users shouldn’t be a problem.

    Hope this helps.

  59. Hi Lakshminarayana,

    Please check out the article at the URL below.


    Hope this helps.

  60. Hi Harsh,

    Go for Mate or Cairngorm and use BlazeDS on the server to exchange messages.

    Hope this helps.

  61. laxman says:

    I’m a beginnear to flex.i know some of the consepts,how to manage the session in flex 3 with LCDS

  62. Abhilash says:

    I’m using Flex3 and I want to check Memory Profiling in a Flex Application.
    where I can get ‘Configure Profiler window’ in flex3?
    please help me

  63. Sridhar Valiveti says:

    Hi Sujith,

    Firstly thanks for hosting such a wonderful blog.
    I have a query regarding executing a perl script or an executable(.exe) from Air. I have searched for around 2 days and was not sucesssful. Can you please provide me a mechanisam to achieve this. Thanks Much


  64. sundeep says:

    Hi Sujit,
    Do you know where can I get certifications for Flex in India(Mumbai)?

  65. Hi Sridhar,

    This isn’t inbuilt. You might need to communicate through sockets.

  66. Suresh says:

    I am big fan of you and continously reading your blogs. i need a help we have a databse in mysql user name and password is there with me, how do i connect to get those datas and display in flex , i have blazeds but i not sure which service to use i used http connector its not working.. please help me

    eg of my server how the data i have is
    username – asdasda
    passsword – asdasda

  67. Suresh says:

    There is a sql server which has all dataes currently we can query using excel by using connect to database, but i wanted to use flashbuilder to connect and display datas and graphs please please please help me in this atleast if u can redirect me where i can get the info i ll be much more happier…

  68. Hi Suresh,

    You have to create a Java class which will connect to your database and return the data. Once you have this class you can use Remoting to invoke the Java class developed to get the data from the database as explained in this URL https://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/2008/01/14/invoking-java-methods-from-adobe-flex/
    If you are using HTTPService then you should create a JSP/Servlet which will invoke the Java class created above and return the data as XML/JSON.

    If you are using Flash Builder 4 try articles at this URL to access Remoting destinations and JSP/Servlet easily https://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/flash-builder-4/

    Hope this helps.

  69. Sir,
    I am an ENGG Student , and I had geard of a boot camp On Adobe Flex by Adobe Systems Bangalore, in one of ma nearby college.. So i was just wondering what is this flex thing , its capabilities..

  70. prajnith says:

    Hi Sujit Reddy garu..
    how are you..
    i want integrate AIR and BLAZEDS..

    i’m getting stuck with this from 2days plx help me…

    thanks in advance

  71. Hi Sujit Reddy,
    Ultimate Blog on Flex….Keep it up!..
    I’m new to Flex…where can i find jobs in flex in india.And what is future job market…
    Thanks in advance….

  72. Ishwar says:

    Hi Sujit,
    I am big fan of you and continously reading your blogs. I have developed a application which does the server push using BlazeDS. The application is pushing the messages to client when we browse the applocation from server where the flex application is deployed. But we have introduced a Clustering (Load Balance) server, which routes the request to the deployed servers. Using this Clustring server the client is not recieving the messages. Do you have any guidence to resolve this issue? Your answer will help me a lot.

  73. suresh kumar reddy says:

    hai reddy,
    i am suresh kumar reddy from mumbai.Are you having Flex3 with AIR certification.i am going to give that certification next week.please give any suggestions about the materials for Interacting with data sources and servers
    suresh kumar reddy

  74. Naveen says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I am getting the following error when i call a remote method of java class using lcd’s:

    RPC Fault faultString=”[MessagingError message=’Destination ‘loginService’ either does not exist or the destination has no channels defined(and the application does not define any default channels.)’]” faultCode=”InvokeFailed” faultDetail=”Couldn’t establish a connection to ‘loginServlet'”

    What should i have to do in order to solve my problem.


  75. agung says:

    hello Mr.sujit
    i have question for u, i’m follow your tutorial and i get problem…

    this my web.xml, setting :
    BlazeDS Application











    and this the error message….

    RDS server message:
    Error executing RDS command. Status Code : 404, Reason:

    can you explain it
    thx ….

  76. Seetha says:

    Hi Sujit,
    I am new to FLEX. Can you plz tel me difference between Flex-Config.xml,Remote-config.xml,Services-Confige.xml and Proxy-Config.xml..

  77. chandra says:

    Hi Sujith,

    i.Can you please explain n detail the difference between array and Array collection (if possible with examples)
    ii. What is a bindable tag?


  78. Hi Suresh,

    Please find details along with sample application source code at this URL https://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/2009/10/12/building-flex-and-java-based-crud-application-using-flash-builder-4/

    Hope this helps.

  79. Hi Seetha,

    services-config.xml is used for defining configuring remoting/messaging/proxy/data management services, channels and lots more; which will be used by AMF libraries like BlazeDS/LCDS. remoting-config.xml/messaging-config.xml etc are actually being referred from services-config.xml. Instead of including all configurations in services-config.xml, its distributed in multiple files and referenced in services-config.xml.
    flex-config.xml is used for configuring compiler options. Please find more details at the URL below.

    Hope this helps.

  80. Hi agung,

    Please share the version number of the BlazeDS you are using.


  81. Martin says:

    Hi Sujit,

    first of all thank you for helping so many developpers!
    Thank you!

    There is a very interesting article on


    The backend with spring is generated from a tool from a database. And now the question:

    Can it be a problem, if a bean manged by spring is directly connected to blazeDS mapping (I do not know if that is the correct expression for it, I hope you can understand it. If not please read the comments under the mentioned URL)

    Thanks for a comment on this.


  82. shyju says:

    hi sujit,
    thank you for the good work.
    Same problem with agung. ie;
    rds server message
    error in executing rds command status code 404

    my blazeds version is blazeds-turnkey- i have tried with different versions , but same result.)
    flashbuilder is version 4.0 build(253292)

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you

  83. Hi Shyju,

    Please download BlazeDS 4 or higher and enable RDS Servlet as explained in the URL below


    If you want use Flash Builder 4 with earlier versions of BlazeDS, please set up RDS Servlet as explained in the URL below


    Hope this helps.

  84. shyju says:

    Thank you very much. i got it solved with blazeds 4 version.


  85. Kumar says:

    I have a situation where :-

    GUI producer sends message to destination1 ->
    The message from destination1 is read by java class and a new message is generated and sent to destination2
    -> Later GUI consumer reads from destination2 and dump in GUI.

    I found an example at your blog. https://sujitreddyg.wordpress.com/2008/08/14/sending-messages-from-java-to-blazeds-destinations-using-messagebroker/

    but it doesn’t work . Can u send me the working example at kumarajeya@gmail.com.

    Thanks in Advance.

  86. Kumar says:

    Also any better approach is highly appreciated.

  87. Rohit says:

    Hi Sujit,

    The link http://sujitreddy.g.googlepages.com/ImportContacts.zip is not working 😦

  88. naresh says:

    hi sujit,
    I had attended the PHP camp held in Symbioisis, pune this month. There they gave a DVD of flex 3, i did the steps printed at the backside of the DVD cover, i havent recieved any licene Email till now, it has been already 14 days i have entered the promo code. Do you have any idea about this.


  89. naresh says:

    Hi Sujit,
    Iam naresh from pune, iam new to flex development,
    i have one problem with flex-3 application,
    My flex application have calls to 2 webservices which are set as virtual directories(i use the webservices’ urls which are set in the iis in my flex app) in my iis, i have creted a virtual directory for my flex app in the iis, when i run my flex application on my local machine, i get this error for the webservice urls
    “RPC Fault faultString=”Security error accessing url” faultCode=”Channel.Security.Error” faultDetail=”Unable to load WSDL”. This works fine when i run the swf file created at application’s path, I have searched this in the net but havent found any right solution, can you pls help me in this matter.

  90. Sita says:

    Hi Sujith,

    I am an avid follower of your blog on flex. I got an issue in flex.Can you please throw some light on how to create a flex calender with events.


  91. AMAR says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I’m having an issue with IE8/7 while using SecureAMFChannel for one Remote object call. I have posted for some help on Adobe forum also. If you have any solution top of your mind, let me know Below is the link


    Thanks in advance. Feel free to forward if you know any of your colleagues who can help me with this issue


  92. Bhargav says:

    Hi Sujit,
    I am A.Bhargav Teja, 2 nd year BITS,Pilani.I attended your Boot Camp and am quite excited about Flex. I am trying to build a small app. I’ve succeeded partly but am struck at a crucial part and am unable to figure things out. It would be very helpful if you could answer my query or point to someone who could help me.
    Thank You in advance.

    My Problem:-
    I am trying to build an application that would make movie ticket booking easy. But I am unable to pass the parameters from flex to the database to verify whether a field is true or not. I’ve attached the .MXML file. In the file after I click FIND the application should be able to verify the movie, date, show, tickets with the database and give back if they are available or not. Is this possible. Can multiple parameters be passed at once. If not is there any other approach that would make my work easier. I would be also thankful if you could send me the link to access the airport app you demoed.

    Thank you once again.

  93. Akshi says:


    I am trying to retrieve mails from gmail server using Flex. By looking at your code we are trying to get similar url for retrieving mails rather than contacts but have not really succedded..Can u extend some help in case u have idea regarding the same.

  94. Akshi says:

    I had a query as to how you found out about the format for the contacts because i m trying to retrieve emails from url “http://mail.google.com/mail/feed/atom/” but cannot google as to the format in which objects are being returned..
    Hoping for a reply soon

  95. bhimnath mantha says:

    Hi sujith,

    I am trying to integrate adobe flex with IBM Data Power which is a kind of ESB.I am using data power to create web service proxies for my actual end points.From flex how can hit this proxy end point.I am able to hit from soap ui.I can t use the as I can t specift the actual wsdl end point because I only expose the proxy not the actual end point and when I use httpservice it says stream error.Can you please help me.


  96. Rakesh says:

    Hi Sujit,

    The previous post was skipped by the Advanced Data Grid Content.

    I am pasting the same in this comment..

    ######################################### This is my AdvancedData Grid with Grouped Columns ##########################################


  97. Sridhar Reddy says:

    Hi Sujith,

    I’m java developer and i want to learn Flex, could you please tell me how the future for it.
    Thanks in advance.

  98. Teja says:

    Hi Sujith,

    I am having a doubt regarding proxy-config.xml in lcds/blazeds.

    My requirement is to get data from one REST webservice(url looks like:http://{localhost:portno}/context-root?number=5&division=first&userName=Username-1).

    I did everything fine by calling and meanwhile in proxy-config.xml, i was hardcoded this url under tag.

    Totally, i got the data displayed in datagrid.

    But now as per requirement,(if you look at url,it consists of parameters “number”,”division”,”username”),
    -> if we enter some integer value in textinput box,and after hitting the search button,depending upon the number we entered,corresponding number of rows to be displayed.

    Now, My Problem is earlier i hardcoded the url in proxy-config.xml.But now proxy-config.xml has to get parameters from flex front end and also have to display accordingly.

    Can you help me about this issue…

    Thanks in advance for helping so….

  99. hi i playing with flash builder 4 and blazeds and jpa on server on my crud the update and delete work fine using the service generated by flash builder i put autocommit false on mx.data.RPCDataManager and work great i delete and update and when i ready just make commit

    But my problem is when add new record on the server with
    @GeneratedValue the database set the id but on the client side RPCDataManager dont know the id after commit any idea

  100. Nataraj says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Thanks for yesterday’s seminar…its awesome…good to hear from you most of valuable and coming rich internet applications. It is usefull for our application and as well as for me.

    Nataraj Javvaji
    JP Morgan Employee

  101. Nataraj says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Thanks for yesterday’s seminar…its awesome…good to hear from you most of valuable and coming rich internet applications. It is usefull for our application and as well as for me.

    Nataraj Javvaji
    JP Morgan, Mumbai

  102. chandu says:

    Hi sujit,
    It is very nice to see such a good blog for flex learners,i have one doubt,i want call struts action class from .swf file before it loading into the webpage,can you please tell how can i do it in action script file.

    Thanks in advance

  103. Hi Nataraj,

    Thanks πŸ™‚ glad you liked the session and the Flash Platform products (Flex 4 and Flash Builder 4) πŸ™‚

  104. Hi Eneldo,

    Can you please make sure, you are invoking getAll/fetchAll to get get all objects on to the client.

    Hope this helps.

  105. Hi Teja,

    Please try passing parameters from the Flex application using HTTPService to the proxy destination and the same should be passed on to the configured server.

    Hope this helps.

  106. eneldoserrata says:

    hi Sujit Reddy G

    Thanks for your respose the solution i get ir work was assing idcolum = int++ on flex for RPCDataManager have local id managment and after commit callresponder lastresult again and work ok now i will try you sugestion thank

  107. Nagesh says:

    Hi Sujit Reddy G,

    I am new with blazeds,active-mq, i am trying one chat example using active-mq and blazeds.
    First i was starts the activemq.bat then started the tomcat, after run mxml file on flex side.
    but problem showing when i was run the application showing below error how can i rectify the error.

    Client.Error.MessageSend—Send failed—Channel.Connect.Failed error NetConnection.Call.Failed: HTTP: Status 404: url: ‘http://localhost:8400/BlazedsExampleJms/messagebroker/amf’
    Client.Error.Subscribe—Consumer subscribe error—The consumer was not able to subscribe to its target destination

    please help me.
    thanks in adv..

  108. Nirmal Kumar Bhogadi says:

    I am building a Tree component which has checkbox in it. Well I will explain it clearly. Say myTree consists of Branches like US, India and Sub-branches like California,Washington and Delhi, Bangalore respectively. All the branches and sub-brances will have checkboxes beside them and all these are created dynamically using ArrayCollection.
    Now my requirement is if the checkbox of main branch is checked, all the check boxes of sub-branches should be checked automatically. For Example: If the checkbox of US is checked, the checkboxes of sub-branches corresponding to US i.e., California and Washington should also be checked. And if we remove the checkbox of main branch, all the checkboxes corresponding to that branch should be removed.
    And another condition is if the checkbox of one of the sub branches is clicked, other checks should disappear. For Example: If I click India, both Delhi and Bangalore will be checked. Now if I click on Bangalore, the check should be at Bangalore only. The checks at Delhi and India should disappear.
    Can you help me in this respect.

  109. Hi Nagesh,

    Please try following the steps in the article below:


    Hope this helps.

  110. Rajeesh Upendran says:

    Hi Sujit

    I am using the AdvanceDataGrid to display the record. When try to use the FlexPrintJob object to print the AdvanceDataGrid, It is just the printing the first page and rest of page are getting ignored. Also some time the below error is showing

    Error:Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.
    at flash.printing::PrintJob/get pageWidth()
    at mx.printing::FlexPrintJob/start()
    at index/btnPrint_click_handler()

    Code is given below

    public function btnPrint_click_handler ( e:MouseEvent ) : void
    // Create an instance of the FlexPrintJob class.
    var printJob:FlexPrintJob = new FlexPrintJob();

    // Initialize the PrintAdvancedDataGrid control.
    var printADG:PrintAdvancedDataGrid =
    new PrintAdvancedDataGrid();
    // Exclude the PrintAdvancedDataGrid control from layout.
    printADG.includeInLayout = false;
    printADG.source = adg1;

    // Add the print-specific control to the application.

    // Start the print job.
    if (printJob.start() == false)
    // User cancelled print job.
    // Remove the print-specific control to free memory.

    // Add the object to print. Do not scale it.
    printJob.addObject(printADG, FlexPrintJobScaleType.NONE);

    // Send the job to the printer.

    // Remove the print-specific control to free memory.

    Can you please guide me


  111. satyendra says:

    Hi Sujit,
    I am mapping AS object properties with,Flex input controls.Once i enter data in form and submit the form
    ,the values which i entered in the form are not implicitly being setted in to the AS object properties.
    Do i need to set them manually or is there any way to set them implicitly


  112. Ramandeep Singh says:

    I am working in flex (beginner), wanted to know the component life cycle in flex??

  113. explore says:

    Hi Sujit,

    are there any issues with Mac OS while accessing Flex based web application.

  114. venkat says:

    let us know if you are availble to train people in our organization on flex.

  115. Amol says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Can you comment on this?


    Also, What could be the future of Flex when HTML5 will come into reality.

    Also, would like to have some comparison on HTML5 & Flex for the future from your end, if possible.


  116. thesaintbug says:

    Hi Sujit,

    Can you plz give a comparison of BlazeDS with GraniteDS and WebORB. Which is better in terms of features and performance.

    I want to start flex-spring-hibernate project. I need to have lazy loading as GraniteDS provides (is there any alternative in blazeDS or other DS) and data push facility (is blazeDS faster then other two in this case or not)

    Thanks in advance and hope to have your reply soon.

  117. Viswanathan says:

    Hi Sujit….ur tutorial on Integrating flex and java helped me a lot.I was struggling on the xml file configuration..ur tutorial really helped me on exactly wad i needed..now i would like to know is there any way to host this project on google app engine through Java??….i mean i need a way to host my flex project on Google App Engine

  118. Moloy says:

    I can seem to integrate BlazeDS in websphere. What version of BlazeDS I download? Every post I see is tomcat based. Can you kindly direct me to a post that uses step by step instruction (like above) of How to use BlazeDS from websphere and flex in front end. I have a JSF/JPA simple proof of concept app which I want to turn it to JPA/Flex app. We have to use websphere as app server. Can you help me please?


  119. Devington says:

    When porting the application from Flex 3.0 to Flash Builder 4.0 the IFrame is not rendering. May I know we have similair component for Flash Builder 4.0 or do we need to make changes in code

  120. Karthik says:

    Hi sujit, I want to implement LCDS for my application, but I cannot use JAVA, I am using flex-3 and php, to do this I downloaded amfphp and I cofigured it, Its working fine, and I created a test script using remote object, and it is also working fine, now I need to know to implement all features of LCDS like synchronous, automatic refreshing if table updated etc, please help me out,

    Thanks in advance

  121. Amitpal says:

    Sujit .. could you please let me know possibilities of desktop sharing and remote desktop access through Flex application.

    I need that in my next project … or we have to use Java for that.

  122. Shyam says:

    Hi is there any way to load a website in Flex Web application.

  123. mayura says:

    Hi Sujit ,

    I am new to flex. I want to convert my spring mvc web application to Flex. Please suggest me the good docs to start with.

    Thank you

  124. David Weis says:

    Hi Sujit,

    If there is a third party server communicating with action script objects to a Flex app client and I do not have access to the server and know nothing about the objects, other than what i can see on the wire using Firebug, is it possible to create a java client that can send and receive action script requests and responses to the server just as their own Flex app does?
    I believe a starting point is to set WebService.useProxy = “true” since I do not have access to the third party’s server crossdomain.xml.
    However, is there some introspection that can be used to reveal the object structures and commands that are needed to communicate ??

  125. tezqatlipoca says:

    Hi, thank you for your articls about flex and java, it was wery helpfull for me!

    Can you say me where i can download BlazeDS 4 while adobe site is down? Or may be some one could email it to me? (tezqatlipoca@gmail.com) Pleaaaaaseee!

  126. Rudiger says:

    Good stuff!

  127. soundarya says:

    I am making a paintbrush like app in flex, and need a functionality where user can fill colors using the inbuilt color picker component.
    But that color picker is missing the NO COLOR color to remove the fill, is there any way we can use the existing color picker component with NO Color.

    Thanks for your help.

  128. Annappa says:

    I have been struggling for Flex and LCDS setup but you brilliant article has solved it in minutes. So, Thank you for posting such useful material.
    I am stuck at one point and struggling from last 3 days. When I am trying to connect to a dataservice then after Selecting No Password checkbox for RDS and when I click next it gives this error:
    RDS server message: Error executing RDS command.Status Code: 500, Reason:Internal Server Error.
    Note: I have started Apache Tomcat 7 as well and its running fine apparently.
    I am waiting for your reply.
    Thanks. Annappa

  129. annappa says:

    HI, sujit

    I want to create a chat room for chatting application using LCDS it uses producer and consumer component pls help we out.if you have sample source code pls send me

  130. Subbarayulu says:

    Hi Sujith
    I am new baby to learn about Flex and Blazed Data Services. I got some good knowledge on Flex and have very much interest on it. Could you please explain the need of Data Services to communicate Server using Blazed Data Services.

  131. John Mueller says:

    Thanks for you contributions as a Flex evangelist. We need more folks like you to keep Flex alive as an alternative to SilverLight. I’m not a big fan of Adobe’s developer support but you certainly are helping to fill the gap. Keep up the great postings.

  132. Nasurudeen MK says:

    Hi sujit,

    I am creating one chat application. I got this error(The consumer was not able to
    subscribe to its target destination.), while running thru servername.If i use like this means(http://localhost:8080/flexchat/messagebroker/streamingamf), its working. otherwise i got a error like this “The consumer was not able to
    subscribe to its target destination”. Pls help me to find out the solution.

    Here is the code:

    var cs:ChannelSet = new ChannelSet();
    var customChannel:Channel = new StreamingAMFChannel(“my-streaming-amf”,””);
    consumer.channelSet = cs;

  133. asha says:

    hi sujit,
    when am trying to include the folowing in my code

    var mydate:Date=new Date;

    am getting

    1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: Date

    y is it so??

  134. Hi Asha,

    Can you please share the code to reproduce this.

  135. Hi Nasurudeen,

    You might have to add a crossdomain file. Please find more details here http://www.adobe.com/devnet/flashplayer/articles/fplayer9_security.html

    Hope this helps.

  136. Hi John,

    Thanks for kind words John πŸ™‚

  137. Hi Subbarayulu,

    I am sorry, I didn’t get your question. When you said Data Services, did you mean Data management services?

  138. Hi Annappa,

    Please make sure the RDSDispatchServlet is uncommented. Please try sending a request to the RDSDispatchServlet from your browser and see if the servlet is getting invoked.

    Hope this helps.

  139. Hi Mayura,

    Please check if the article in the URL below helps. In the articles below, Struts is being used but you can get an idea on how to go about with Spring.


    Hope this helps.

  140. asha says:

    Hi sujith,

    Thanks for ur reply sujith. The date issue worked fine. Its came coz i used date as a variable which is a keyword.

    How to populate the datagrid with values that are returned by java code in array list form. I tried every way but ntg worked. I have no time plz help me out.

    am returning an array list from java class as

    {System.out.println(“hai stupid”);
    System.out.println(“hai “);


    where b,c,d,e,f are arraylist.

    and in flex prg am calling those values by

    public var dp:ArrayCollection;

    in reult handler dp = (event.result as ArrayCollection);

    and dp is the dataprovider for my datagrid.

  141. raja_s_patil says:


    First of all lot of thanks for wonderful blog.

    I am new to flex, spring and blazeds. I have managed to configure them and get working for my first project of this sort all is fine. I am able to execute services on server and get results in Flex and display them.

    I want to add a functionality of detecting session expiry at server side and automatically terminate flex application. Is it possible ? If yes how shall I proceed ? any link, reading material etc. etc will be a great help

    Thanks and regards


  142. Sushma says:

    Hi Sujit, Is it possible to call java class which has overloaded methods in it using blazeds.

  143. SB says:


    We are using blaze 4 and weblogic 10.3
    We are using 1 polling amf channel for all destinations (about 8). we do not have any netwrok bandwith crunch and have about 20 users using the system at peak.

    The problem is channel disconnects.
    one point worth mentioing is that one destination fetches message of size – 50kb every 10 seconds.
    We see channel diconnects for over 7 minutes, following which we kill the client session, and request users to log back in.

    The problem occurs mostly when most users login at once.

    please note that the weblogic attains at peak 140MB of perm gen size – to give you an idea of the server side load. The max mem is set to 6g but on the whole the utilization is aboiut 2.5g.

    Also please note note that we have set time to live for these destinations as about 2-3 mins only so that no unnessesary build up happens on server.

    If you could please throw some light on this issue of polling amf disconnect it would be really helpful.

  144. sushma says:

    Hi Sujit,
    we have an internal webservice developed in our company and i have connected that web service using flex and am able to get all the methods/operations from that service. but wen i try to get data from methods i get the following error msg while running the application

    Security error accessing url
    Unable to load WSDL. If currently online, please verify the URI and/or format of the WSDL (http://ispl30:8080/MGEMWS/MGEMWS?wsdl)

    am not able to figure out what the problem is?

  145. veeru says:

    Hi Sujith,
    I need to test my java services which uses Blazeds from Java. So for that I am using AMFConnection class. By invoking AMFConnection.call(method,param) is giving me the response properly but its throwing an exception only when my service method encounters a FlexContext.getFlexClient().

    I can understand that Java AMF Client which uses AMFConnection cannot have multiple clients over a single interface. But I badly want to test all my services using AMFConnection and most of my services will have a FlexClient usage.

    I also tried using SoapUI and tested my services which in turn uses the same AMFConnection but in groovy. SoapUI also throws the same null pointer exception.

    Is there any way to trick the FlexClient and fill it and test my services fully… It will very nice if i can get a solution to test all my services which uses FlexClient from Java….

    What I think is somewhere the FlexContext is getting primed with FlexClient so can i able to set seomthing on the static class. I might be wrong but just a wild guess….

    Please help me to resolve this issue…

  146. vishnu says:

    I build a chat application using blazeds+red5+flex.video chating works fine,bt text chatting work only in IE,it doesnt work in any other browser

  147. sid says:

    Hello Sujit,
    We have created a web conference application using LCDS developer version and FMS 3.5.
    Now we have stuck with licensing issues of LCDS.
    So can we shift the whole project to BlazeDS without any major code changes ?

    Please this is very crucial for us.
    At least give some hint or directions.


  148. Hi Asha,

    Try to add a debug point and check the data type of event.result. Hope this helps.

  149. Hi Sid,

    Yes, you can. But you will have difference in performance based on the services and channels used in your application. Please find details in the URL below.

    If you are not using any features of LCDS, its very simple. Please find the feature difference between LCDS and BlazeDS in the URL below.

    LCDS supports NIO based endpoints like RTMP, if you are using NIO based endpoints, you might have to change the same.


    Hope this helps.

  150. Hi Sushma,

    You might have to place a crossdomain policy file. Try to share more details on the error.

  151. Hi Raja,

    You can send a request to server and required interval to check if the session is valid. You can find details on how to access session data in the URL below.


    Hope this helps.

  152. Sushma says:

    and xml file as

    how do i pass upperLimit=””, dial value=”” and maxValue=”” values to xml file dynamically from the flex side. i need these 3 values to plot on the angle gauge fusion chart

  153. Saagar says:

    hi..your bolg has been really helpful.i am currently working a project in which i need to play a youtube video backwards.

    can u help out in the sense that how do i do that?

    and can i embed external free open source apps in my RIA building with flex?
    Thanks in advance!

  154. Sushma says:

    Hi sujit, how do i pass values to xml file from flex?

  155. Himanshu Gurha says:

    I am having issue with Flash Builder 4 – Connect to Data service.
    I am trying to use the Remote Serive. When i click on Connect to Data Service i do see a list of available Remote Services. But when i select one and click Finish i get following error –
    Unable to save data model
    Reason – An error occured while trying to resolve the existing data model.
    Error: Actionscript generation is not supported for entities whose names clash with with Actionscript keywords. Entity “Class” clashes with AS keyword.

  156. Meenakshi says:

    Hi Sujit,

    I have a VBOX comprising of several components.I want to print the VBOX on multiple pages.I am able to do that using FlexPrintJobScaleType class.But I dont know how to set margins on all pages.Padding is of no use.Can you please explain how to achieve this?


  157. sindhu says:

    i need to know benefit of using ESB over Blazeds or LCDS with a clear clarity .

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