Documentation for as3googlecalendarlib

February 19, 2009

Not finding much time to work on the as3googlecalendarlib ( or the sample application using the library. I managed to create a simple API documentation for classes which should be used to consume Google Calendar service. I also created a document in which there are code samples on how to create a calendar and calendar events.

I will add more to these documents and publish a proper API documentation and yeah a sample application ASAP. 🙂

I have the sample application running with minimal features, but wanted to add more. 🙂

Snapshot of the sample application developed using this API.

Google Calendar Desktop

Google Calendar Desktop

URLs to the documents

API Documentation:

Code samples:

Please let me know if you face any issues or if you have any suggestions. 🙂

Adobe on twitter

February 18, 2009


Started using twitter

February 17, 2009

Started using twitter. Planning to post updates on what I am working on and also updates on what’s happening in RIA world. I am developing a platform using which you can develop games using twitter.  I will post this ASAP.  🙂


Yahoo BOSS search built in 90 Seconds at Yahoo hack Day

February 16, 2009

Harish and Raghu built Flex application to search images using Yahoo BOSS API in 90 Seconds …

Adobe Flex ROCKS ..

More details at


Following Indian Stock Markets made easier. Flex and AIR to rescue

February 5, 2009

I was looking for an application which will periodically retrieve stock prices for companies in Indian stock market. Unfortunately I couldn’t find one. I created an Adobe AIR application, which will periodically retrieve stock prices and other details for companies.


1.       Maintain list of companies to follow: Search for companies and add them to persistent list

2.       Auto refresh: Automatically retrieves data for stocks in the list. Auto refresh can be disabled

3.       Alerts: Configure application to alert you when a particular company’s stock value either changes or decreases/increases beyond a value

4.       Details: Current price, previous close, percentage change and volume in both BSE and NSE

5.       Windowless: Minimized to system tray

You need Adobe AIR runtime to use this application. Get Adobe AIR from this URL

After installing Adobe AIR, download Stock Ticker application at this URL and just double click to install Can be installed on ANY Operating System, thanks to AIR): This application is taken offline due to various reasons. 🙂 Please drop me an email at if you are interested in using this application.

Note: If you are using IE to download the application, sometimes the file will be saved with .zip extension. In this case change the file extension to .air and double click to install. 🙂

Application screen shots:

Main Screen

Main Screen

Search and Add companies

Search and Add companies



Configuring alerts

Configuring alerts

Minimized to system tray

Minimized to system tray and Alerts

Flex and AIR Rocks !!! 🙂